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Welcome to DSRack

Dedicated Server Rack specializes in providing high-quality game-servers. We are the biggest game server provider in Scandinavia, and this is reflected in our prices and the quality of our products. We always have room for new, and existing customers.

We are hosted at UNI-C/DTU in Lyngby and our primary peering partner is VIP-Group. We also have a peering agreement with Zen System. We use Gbit connections to both of our suppliers.

We host our game servers on the latest hardware. I.E. Quad Core set-ups with a minimum of 4GB memory per server. We thorougly test each server to determine exactly what it's capabilities are, to ensure high quality, every time.
Tick drop and choke are two terms we never want mentioned in connection with DSRack servers.

Kind Regards,

DSRack - Dedicated Server Rack

If it's impossible, we make it possible.
If it's possible, we just do it better!


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